Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Insurance Adjusting Services

Here at Bluegrass Valuation Services, we also provide services for the insurance industry.  As a certified insurance adjuster and a machinery and equipment appraiser, Lance is in a unique position to be able to provide retroactive certified appraisals for machinery and equipment that has gone through fire, wind, or water loss.  

Please contact our bidding department and ask Rod or Donna for more details.  To speed the process up, please have the following ready:

  • Final notice of loss
  • Fire report
  • Police report

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Medical Equipment Appraisals In PA

Recently we had the opportunity to appraise some medical equipment in a local business. While the equipment in this business was in a very narrow niche, the medical field is a very wide industry.  We've seen anything from MRI machines to blood pressure monitors.

Most of the memories of my Grandfather are filled with images of him toting around his oxygen lines. This is why we help families who need certified appraisals on donating their medical equipment. Most families who own medical equipment may not be aware that if they plan to donate their medical equipment they could receive a tax break.  I'm glad to announce that we offer certified appraisals for families (not business or corporations) who are donating their medical equipment do th the loss of a loved one.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Equipment Appraising Trends In Pennsylvania

The world of machinery and equipment appraising has taken me to the Southern Indiana and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas as of late.  The assignments in these areas have focused on construction and agriculture equipment respectively.  I’d like to share a couple interesting trends I noticed while analyzing the data from both assignments.   

Koetter Construction is a large commercial contractor in the Floyds Knobs, IN area, and their fleet is primarily construction Equipment based.  Due to the nature of their business, their equipment is constantly moving from job to job, and it took me 2 days to get around to the bulk of it.  Once I was back in the office the data collection and analysis began, which resulted in a fairly flat trend for resale values over the past year.  This supports the projections of the Thompson Research Group predicting a similar market for the first 2 quarters of the year. 

Next I found myself gathering agriculture equipment data for a future equipment appraisal in the Lancaster, PA area.  While Lancaster is known for its Amish/Mennonite communities, it has a lot of industry and Big Ag!  Dairy and poultry are two of the largest agricultural industries in the area.  So I went to Messick’s Farm Equipment in Elizabethtown, PA and talked to some of the staff about recent trends.  One of the salesman said, “Well, if you want to know how resales are going just look at the fluid milk prices”.  According to Lancaster Farming, 2017 is not looking any better than 2016.  This reinforces an article I recently wrote about the grain and beef industries in Kentucky.

In closing, construction equipment is expected to be flat for the near future unless you’re in an area of heavy new construction.  Ag prices are expected to remain at their 2016 levels until we see the grain, beef, dairy, and poultry markets turn.  Thanks for reading.  Yes, if you have ag or construction equipment appraisal needs we’d be glad to talk to you about solving your situation, and keep in mind that we appraise several other categories as well.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Equipment Appraising in Kentucky

I always have a good time when Derek and I get a chance to mix a little fun with work.  Today, we stopped by the CAT dealer in Elizabethtown, KY to ask a few questions about appraising mining and agricultural equipment.  Let's be honest, a 10 year old boy may be quiet while your in the office, but his mind is out in the yard on the tractors!  I was no different as a kid.

According to data provided by Thompson Research Group, AG prices are expected to be flat for the next six months, while mining is expected to be down.  In my opinion, these projections are due to the demand in each industry.  The cattle and grain markets are both down right now, and mining has yet to ramp up in spite of the political landscape in the U.S.  These markets support the Thompson Research Group's data.  Only time will tell.

While there is optimism for machinery and equipment values, at the end of the day if you are in need of a machinery & equipment appraisal, feel free to give us a call, and put one of our experienced CMEAs to work for you.  You'd be glad you did!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Is Machinery & Equipment Appraising Compatible With Big Data?

Big Data.  Its been a buzz word in the Technology community for several years now, and it is even being joked about in the general population.  I recently attended a webinar hosted by Iron Planet where the topic was Predicting the Future of Equipment Machine Pricing.  Naturally I was interested as a Machinery & Equipment Appraiser.

The webinar was basically about 3 features Iron Planet is working on: virtual storefronts, market place direct, and deep learning pricing data.  While everyone who attended may be interested for multiple reasons, my attention was on the deep learning pricing data.  This is code for Iron Planet putting to use the glut of data they have been collecting over the years, or putting to use their own Big Data.

Several years ago I wrote an article on the residential mortgage industry's rapid adoption of Big Data know as Collateral Underwriter.  Keep in mind this article was for a different industry and was spear headed by the lending/government portion of the transaction.  In hind sight, the concerns I had back then were well founded as we've seen testimonies from Capital Hill that confirm our distrust of the output.  Just ask lenders in Canada how there version of the Collateral Underwriter is doing.  The problem with CU, and any predictive model, is the output is only as good as the data going in.  The CU is not peer reviewed, and the quality of its data has been in question since day one.  Recently, an interview on Voice of Appraisal revealed how lenders have figured out to manipulate the portal's risk scores, crazy!

However, with Iron Planet's model, I think they are going about it in a healthy direction.  First, they have put together a crack team that draws from successful companies like: Paypal and Ebay.  Both of these companies have mastered predictive analytics, finances, and buy/sell in a big way.  Second, the data collection has been taking place over a longer period of time allowing for data to come from both ends of the Great Recession.  Lastly, this is an industry driven initiative, not a government backed one, which I'm not a big fan of.

In closing, I'm looking forward to what Iron Planet does with their deep learning pricing data.  I'm also looking forward to how it could benefit the Machinery & Equipment Appraisal field.


Friday, April 21, 2017

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